👨‍💻 Eliécer Rafael Hernández Falcón ⚖

Short bio

Hello! I am a licensed lawyer in Venezuela and a Senior IT specialist.

I am currently delving into Python (opens in a new tab), React (opens in a new tab), TypeScript (opens in a new tab) programming and computer security (opens in a new tab). My short term goal now is to master NLP (opens in a new tab) and build more open source apps.

At the same time, I research a lot about digital marketing for startups (focusing on Decentralized Finance) and I write from time to time for tips on Publish0x (opens in a new tab).

Now I'm working as a Consultant and Social Media Manager at DexKit (opens in a new tab).

Here are some of my links🔗

AI (Artificial Intelligence) implementations🤖

Do you have something deep to ask, or do you want me to write about something specifically? email me at [email protected] or let's meet! (opens in a new tab)